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couple's massage workshop intended for

couples who would like to learn and to have the tools of how to give and receive massage to each other. Learn to give massage to your partner and loved ones.


This can be a gift and an amazing experience that will affect you and your relationship for life.

​ How many times have you heard  your partner ask you for massage to release the tension from his/her shoulders or neck, massage the feet and more. Many times, even though we really feel that we have "a really good

 hands", we still find it difficult to give  a proper massage and that is 

Because: ​


1. We think or feel that our hands are not strong enough.


​2. We get tired quickly. ​

3. Failing to work comfortably with our body while giving the massage. ​

4. It is not clear exactly which massage techniques to use and how. ​


5. We are not sure how to avoid hurting or tickling etc.


In a couples massage workshop, you will learn a variety of effective, professional techniques To know how to give massage correctly and precisely in a simple, fun and effortless way. This can be a perfect and surprising gift for a

.birthday or for a more in-depth study


Many times tensions, disputes and misunderstandings between couples can be resolved in a few minutes of massage and touch - instead of using words let the hands speak by themselves and the body will surrender.

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