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יוגה וטיפולים Yoga therapy



Hi there, very pleased for having you here :-)

Alittle bit about me:

Spa manager, Massage Therapist teacher, Yoga teacher and mind-body therapist in the field of pain relief and complementary medicine for over two decades.

I have many years of experience in leading educational and training systems in the fields of complementary medicine, responsible for building courses and educational systems from the syllabus stage through the actual teaching and ending with the support and accompaniment of therapists throughout their professional lives. Over the years, I gained a lot of experience working with different organizations, starting in the hotel sector and ending with organizations from other fields such as:Hi-tech companies and educational institutions.​


My story began at the age of 22, after being discharged from the army, I went on a long and fascinating journey to the Far East (I lived in Japan and there I was involved in management and sales in jewelry stores).​

When I returned to Israel, I looked for a new direction and occupation that would give me meaning. ​ I came (not by chance) to the field of complementary medicine. I experienced, learned and trained in many different styles of treatments for the body and mind - I discovered the magic it does to our body and soul - both for me and for my patients wellbeing. ​ I felt that I was fulfilling my destiny and doing something significant for myself and for others. All that only allowed me to open up to a new and fascinating world that I did not know before. From then until today I only deepen into it. Big believer in the power of touch to heal our body and soul. I enjoy getting to know people up close and being interested in their needs so that they can feel better physically, energetically and mentally. From then until today I continue to develop in the professional field, love to help others, listen to them and to give all that I can to everyone who needs.


 Professional background: Since 2004 in the field of complementary medicine. Studies and training in Israel and abroad. ​ Specialist in the treatment of massage professions, in Israel (Ridman College of Complementary Medicine), abroad (International Training Massage School Thailand).


 ​As part of my training I am Specialist in the art of Massage: 

Senior shiatsu therapist.

Swedish massage therapist.

Deep tissue massage therapist.

Thai massage therapist.


Throughout the years I have worked in many settings such as spas, gyms and yoga studios. I founded and operated private clinics for pain management through massages and psychotherapy as well as a yoga studio. As part of these places, I have built up many years of experience in delivering classes, treatments and training in massage. For 8 years I trained massage therapists at: "Ridman Tel Aviv College". I accompanied hundreds of students privately and in groups in order to train them at the beginning of their professional path in the field of massage.


 In 2019 I went to represent Israel in the World Massage Championship, Copenhagen, Denmark. A competition with 200 participants in the massage therapy professions from around the world and judges who are members of the board of directors of the International Massage Association, representing colleges of complementary medicine around the world.


​Later on, I trained therapists in the: "Isrotel hotel chain", hotels chain in Israel that operates spas all over the country. As part of my duties, I trained in various hotels such as: the yearot hacarmel in the north, hotels in Eilat, Cramim Hotel (Jerusalem) and the Dead Sea. ​This days i am working and developing in the field of spa management, at the Tel Aviv Sheraton Hotel.​​ ​​​


With that approach I am successfully helping people to find peace and harmony with in for many years.

My goal is to help people who deal with physical and emotional chronic pain, and to seek relief in order to feel better at all levels: physicaly, energetically and mentally.


Yoga Teacher Training Courses:
Shimon Ben Avi-"Ashtanga Vinyasa".

Hadas Peri -"Prenatal and Postnatal" Yoga Teacher Courses ,Israel.​

A.Y.M-"Hatha & Ashtanga" / KRANTI YOGA-"Ashtanga Vinyasa", India.​

Additional inspiring Yoga teachers and courses:
John Scott, David Keil, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Laruga Glaser, Eddy Toyonaga, Dylan Werner and more.

Yoga style and teaching:

"Power Yoga":

a dynamic-rhythmic practice, that creates heat, physical and mental resilience. 

The purpose of yoga to me is to connect with in. We will learn how to build a strong body and a resilient mind. Learning how to soften up the body and our mind with sychronized breath and synchronized flow movements. We will learn how to calm down our mind and body in order to allow ourself to feel more connected with who we really are in the present moment, to feel satisfaction, joy and freedom.

Owner of a yoga studio and private Clinic. At my place I offer:
One on one and group yoga classes.
Various treatments for relieving physical/mental chronic and acute pain.
Counseling, diagnosis and treatments.
Holistic experience that brings overall well-being improvement in a loving and relaxing atmosphere.

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