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Yoga classes for parents and children Its a wonderful opportunity to see a joint practice where both parents and children are at their best because of their presence together, Practicing yoga together is a unique opportunity for parent and child to enjoy through play and a shared challenge from yoga and to strengthen the relationship between them.


Doing simple yoga poses together can help parent and child relax, be in the moment and get exercise at the same time.

Many children lead a rather stressful lifestyle that includes: lessons, tests, getting up early in the morning, long days, competitive sports and a variety of other elements that may leave them lacking concentration and worn out.


Parents are also under daily pressure with work and family obligations. In addition, children are growing up in a digital environment where cell phones, iPads, computers and televisions are the norm.


Taking a yoga break together can help parents and children relax from all the use of digital technology with the goal of being more aware of the connection of their body, mind and spirit And to feel complete with themselves.

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