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עודכן: 18 במרץ 2021

DO u feel common bouts of fatigue in your daily life?

Regular Yoga practice may be the answer for you!

I was trying to think or to feel what's making me personally to be more fatigue and tired in my daily life.

How is my posture, when I sit in front of the computer or when I'm driving, eating or watching t.v? How am I emotionally?

When excessive emotions such as: Fear ,sadness or melancholy, anger or frustration, irritation, Excessive worry and over thinking are being depressed in our body, they can make the muscles and organs dysfunctional - may manifest as fatigue in the body and the energy reserves to become drained.

The meditative and mindfulness practices of yoga are excellent tools to bring awareness to our emotional states and to experience and process them completely.

For example: back bending poses are the best to activate the Kidneys area and to tonify their prana (energy life force).

back bending poses such as Bridge, Cobra, Boat and Bow will be the best targeted for this area.

When working with the emotional and subtle bodies, it is important to keep the focus rooted inside the body on the sensations that arise while holding these poses. If sensations arise that have an emotional component to them, it is important to fully express and release the emotion, and to not repress any feelings if they arise.

A deep sense of rest can also be experienced from extended holdings of restorative poses, such as child, supine bound angle, knee down twist, and shavasana. Physical over-exertion can deplete the body’s energy and cause muscle fatigue. Gentle yoga poses will help to regulate, nourish and replenish the energy and muscles of the body. The restorative poses mentioned above will also provide rest and renewal to the body.

In addional, poor circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients can also create fatigue. Yoga movements and stretches increase the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients through the body, helping the cells of the body to access the proper materials for producing energy. Flowing movements and sequences, such as the sun salutations, as well as inversions will be the most effective in improving circulation.

A nutritionally poor diet can also be the blame of physical fatigue. A yogic diet of simple, fresh, and organic foods will allow the body to easily digest and assimilate all of the proper nutrients that the body needs to produce energy. Overeating should be avoided as this can overtax the digestive system, reducing its ability to assimilate nutrients, making one feel heavy and sluggish.

very gentle and easy pranayama (breathing techniques) to learn and use that effects the energy levels.

All regular exercise will reduce fatigue, but yoga has the unique ability to provide exercise that is multi-dimensional in nature: effecting the body, mind, energy and emotions. Yoga also allows the practitioner to moderate the level of activity based on his/her current state of energy to avoid further exhausting or depleting one’s energy.

for further info you can contact me:

hanan alon yoga and massage instructor, massage therapist.

tel: 0522659465

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